The Illamasqua Anti-Fascism Pledge

Just before Christmas I caught up with a representative from Illamasqua to discuss their upcoming make up collections. I woke up on the morning of the meeting ridiculously hungover; seriously regretting that last Red Stripe (and everything else I’d consumed the night before). I shoved an Eat 4 Less baguette down my gob, downed so much Fanta I’ve probably given myself diabetes and prayed that I would be home within half an hour; back in bed with a burrito. Within 10 minutes of sitting down and getting a sneak preview of all the latest pigments, palettes and powders my hangover woes disappeared – I was in heaven. I’m not the most particularly make up obsessed girl (Read: I still have a tide line when I apply foundation and I’ve only recently discovered highlighter) but I am all about socially conscious brands. I learned how Illamasqua pride themselves on having a stance against animal testing and how they strive to be inclusive of all ethnicities and skin colours. Yesterday they released a statement which didn’t sugar coat how they felt about Trump supporters buying their products and I felt it was the perfect time to finally get round to writing about them………

After the shit storm that was 2016, it’s pretty hard to avoid being political these days. Even your ex boyfriend, who once thought Hugh Grant was Prime Minister, is over on Facebook; letting everyone know that he thinks Donald Trump is a bit of a dickhead. Celebrities haven’t been shy to speak out and share their beliefs either; Gary Lineker is more or less the leader of the opposition in the U.K, Michael Sheen has swapped acting for activism and Lily Allen is doing God’s work on Twitter; dealing with sexist, racist misogynist trolls daily for merely daring to call out fascism.

But brands and businesses? They’ve been a little quieter. Sure, a few have made a stand or a statement but the majority are adopting the ‘never discuss politics at a dinner party’ strategy in order to protect their profits. After all, Trump supporters are ridiculously extra when you offend their Fash Daddy.

So yesterday when Illamasqua released a statement detailing their Anti-Fascism Pledge it made for a refreshing break from reading about the latest atrocities the Alt-Right* are up to. *A polite term for Nazis

Illamasqua believe in the freedom of expression, equality and diversity. That’s why we are horrified by President Trump’s actions to date. We refuse to remain silent while extreme right-wing populism gains momentum… wherever it is happening.

As such, we will never knowingly sell our products to people who support President Trump’s values. To be part of our community, and to buy our products, you must first pledge to Human Fundamentalism values:

  • Never discriminate against race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion
  • Accept responsibility on challenging social and climate issues
  • Speak for those who cannot speak up for themselves
  • Uphold the principles of the S.O.P.H.I.E. charity to stamp out prejudice, intolerance and hatred.

We’re realistic. We know we can’t stop anyone buying our products. But we also know that no matter how hard some people work to make themselves beautiful on the outside, make-up can never hide the ugliness inside. So please, if you don’t agree with the above DON’T BUY US.

Prejudice, sexism and racism should never be tolerated. Whether you’re a brand or an individual join us and, together, we can be the change we want to see.


The fashion and beauty industry gets a bad rep at times because of course they do, it’s mainly women who enjoy make up so naturally anything a female enjoys will be passed off as trivial and unimportant. Yet here we are in 2017, and along with Teen Vogue being the main major publication to pull Trump up on his bullshit, it’s a beauty brand that’s risking their profits and putting their influence to good use to fight fascism.

Some may be cynical and claim Illamasqua’s pledge is all for publicity and to generate more sales and, while I don’t believe that to be true, who actually cares if that’s what it is? If brands and businesses want to start marketing their goods by highlighting dangerous politics and directing us towards good causes while they’re at it, I’m all for it. I’d rather be flogged a lipstick by a company not standing by while a repulsive bigot tries to implement disgusting policies like a Muslim Ban rather than a business that chucks a few hundred grand at a Kardashian so they can feature on their Instagram page.

For those cynics who still aren’t convinced, Illamasqua are donating 100% of ALL sales proceeds of Lip Lure in Nebulus to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation to help the charity continue it’s work in challenging prejudice and intolerance.

If you needed an excuse to add to your make up collection, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Head down to Illamasqua and be safe in the knowledge that when you’re applying your eyeliner your wings won’t be Alt-Right.

Join Illamasqua’s Anti-Fascism Pledge HERE

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It Was Acceptable In The 80’s……

Full article published HERE

Recently, pictures of Jennifer Lopez looking all ‘fire emoji’ haven’t been able to be shared without someone adding a caption along the lines of ‘Can you believe this hot woman is 45?’ Well yeah, I can actually – it’s not a shock to me that a woman can be attractive after the age of 30. While it’s incredibly tedious that JLo can’t slay on the red carpet (I haven’t used the slay term correctly, have I?) without banging on about her having the cheek to be a fitty in her forties, it does always remind me that my mum is the same age as her.

Like my mum, JLo was a teenager in the 80’s – aka the worst decade for fashion since the 19th century when wearing a corset every single day was a thing (seriously, fuck that). Frizzy perms, stone wash denim, leg warmers, shoulder pads and, the most famous 80’s fashion & beauty connotation of them all – blue eye-shadow.

While my mum may have traded her baby blues for a smokey eye kit these days, her ‘Class of 1987’ pal Ms Lopez is leading the way for blue eye-shadow to be spring’s hottest trend.

Photographed at the American Idol finalist party last night, Jennifer Lopez swapped her usual bronzed look for frosty baby blue eye-shadow, and you know what? Totally pulled off this season’s hottest new beauty trend.

FUN FACT* ALERT: Did you know? Blue eye shadow in the Victorian period was considered a way of showing you had a weak and innocent heart.



While Jen (yeah, we’re close – I call her Jen) may have looked a solid ten with her ice queen theme, she could probably pull off dressing exclusively in Jane Norman 2002 sale items, so I’m not entirely convinced just yet. I asked my makeup artist mate (every girl should have a MUA as a BBF – they’re so handy) whether ‘Sarah from Scotty Road’ will be able to pull this trend off as well as Jenny from the Block?

“I’m not going to lie, it’s not for everyone,” she told me while showing me a blue mascara from YSL which reminded me of the days of hair mascara from Claire’s Accessories. “It’s certainly one of the new beauty looks for the spring but it will be tricky for some to work. Baby blue will almost certainly only really suit those with fair skin and dark hair but you can always use different shades if you want to participate in the trend. Fashion and beauty is about having fun so don’t be afraid to give something a go.”

“I recently had a client going to a wedding who wanted her eyes to match her blue dress. I was a bit dubious at first but the result was fab. I suggest using 2 shadows; a light and a dark blue. Use the lighter shade to go up until your browbone and the darker colour for the eye creases. As with most eye looks, blending is key. Have a play around with different shades and see what works best for you.”

I’m off to call my mum to see if see has any more tips from the 80’s.

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