A (predictably) late round up of October

Remember a couple of week’s ago I promised my round up of October would be up within days? Well, the lie detector results are back and let’s just say Jeremy Kyle would frothing at the mouth right now; calling me a liar and demanding I get a job. I don’t really have an excuse. I want to say I’ve been busy but I don’t think intense self loathing and making a string of bad life decisions counts as a valid activity unfortunately. Shame.

Luckily, I’ve still got an inflated ego and just enough narcism left  in me to believe that anyone truly cares what I got up to weeks and weeks ago so here it is, better late than never.

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http://piedmont-mo.com/spring-valley-resort-new-website-launched/ What I did

In the midst of a Sunday afternoon of crippling anxiety, self loathing, regret and general hangover vibes I pledged that I wanted to start having more wholesome weekends; less drinking, more good old fashioned fun. Spoiler alert – I haven’t exactly worked out but I did manage one amazing sober(ish) day of activities throughout October in the form of breaking out of a locked room and vegan food. Doesn’t sound like the best way to spend a Sunday you cry? Hear me out.

buy Misoprostol online no prescription Breakout Liverpool

I’ve started my fresh, hangover free Sunday tweeting that I was fresh and hangover free. What’s the point of not drinking yourself into a state on a Saturday night if you can’t be unbearably smug online the next day? After being so annoying on Twitter that half my followers probably muted me, I headed across town to meet Michael, Jenny and Lee to have a go at escaping one of the rooms at Breakout Liverpool.

If you’re unfamiliar with Breakout then just imagine Crystal Maze but without that creepy guy following you around giving snide, sarcastic ‘advice’. In teams of 2-5 you’re locked* in one of their various themed rooms with 60 minutes on the clock with whole hosts of clues and riddles you need to crack in order to get the key you need to make your big escape.

*Don’t worry fellow anxious types – there’s an emergency exit clearly visible.

As it was near Halloween and I’m a morbid little emo at the best of times, we opted for The Facility room (4/5 difficulty). The idea is you arrive at an unknown location for a once in a lifetime opportunity; a conference held by the critically acclaimed, Dr. Andrews.  What you don’t know, is that Dr. Andrews has gone mad, creating a string of tests that have gone disastrously wrong. He has brought you here for his final experiment. You have one hour to escape his maze of tricks and games, before a deadly virus kills you all.

Now obviously there is no actual threat to your life but some irritating dickhead started acting like breaking out really was a matter of life and death; bossing people around and actually saying at one point “Okay, you’ve had enough fun now – back to work” when someone dared to take a second off cracking codes and clues to have a laugh. The dickhead in question is me and I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Jenny and Lee for turning into Monica Geller on speed and being the Himmler to Michael’s Hitler as we ran around trying to solve puzzles and find keys. What can I say – I believe that if you’re not taking fun, easy going games way too seriously then what’s the actual point of it all?

We managed to break out with twenty minutes left on the clock and guys, when the staff started praising us and saying it was one of the best escapes they’d seen all day it went straight to my head. I know deep down it’s their job to shower praise on their customers and make them feel good but I live for validation from strangers so I took it and run with it. Just look how pleased I look with myself on the picture! 

My finest achievement of 2016. Depressing but true.

My finest achievement of 2016. Depressing but true.

I’m absolutely sold on Breakout. It’s escapism, literally and metaphorically. For up to an hour (or 40 mins if you’re amazing like me and break out fast) your brain is distracted from all your weird thoughts and feelings and the only thing on your mind is cracking the bloody codes.

So far, so sober and feeling as good as I do after 10 drinks.

Las Iguanas 

When you think of Las Iguanas you think 241 cocktails in Liverpool One and the venue suggestion of where to go on your date by that lad you’ve been speaking to on Tinder, don’t you? You don’t ever think ‘Wow, I bet they have an extensive, varied and tasty separate menu exclusively for vegans and vegetarians” do you? Well, you should because they do and it’s pretty impressive. Yep, with a dining party that consisted of a vegan, a dairy free pescartian who slips up now and again when drunk/at Barburrito and two lads who’ll do as they’re told, we made our post Breakout high selves to Las Iguanas to see how their menu caters to the pretentious diners in the world.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never eaten at Las Iguanas before. Normally, I’m in there, abusing the cheap delicious cocktails and adopting the mentality ‘eating’s cheating’ but I am so glad I finally stopped being a low-key functioning alcoholic and got some scran for once. Guys, this place is a utopia for vegans and veggies. How many times have you been to a restaurant and the non meat option (singular, not plural in most cases) has been an after thought; a boring risotto or a bland bean burger more often than not. Las Iguanas don’t subscribe to this nonsense though – with a whole menu dedicated to those who swerve meat and dairy we had plenty to choose from. 

Just look at all that glorious scene! We had Nachos, Taco Planks, Halloumi Churrasaco Skewers Fiesta Ensalada and my personal fav, Moqueca De Palmitos  (Butternut squash, palm hearts & spinach in a creamy coconut curry with charred red peppers, garlic & fresh tomatoes. With spring onion rice, sweet plantain, pico de gallo & a coconut farofa to sprinkle) which you would have no idea was vegan. I know that sounds like such a smug, wanky vegan thing to say (and I’m not even vegan, just smug and wanky) but it’s true.

And of course, we got a few cocktails too. Look, I know I was meant to be having a Sober Sunday but when they’re 241 it’s cheaper to neck a few Dark & Stormy mixes than it is to order a Diet Coke. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know but I’m sticking to my theory as my way of defending my love of alcohol.

As we left I noticed a sign on the door that stated that all tips go direct to the staff. No little nasty fees taken off like the rats at Pizza Express and other places do. Is right, Las Iguanas you babes. Always nice to know you’ve just eaten in a venue that doesn’t take advantage of their staff like little Tories.

The next time a boy asks me on a date to Las Iguanas I won’t turn my nose up but instead be excited to order from my own special menu and bore him about the importance of tipping. 

What articles I’ve been reading 

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Every Italian will receive 500 euros to spend on books on their 18th birthday I just think this is WONDERFUL and wanted to put a happy story amongst the misery I’m linking you all too.

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I am not Daniel Blake but how can I help?  More on this film later.

Why Gary Lineker, Lily Allen and you shouldn’t comment Wouldn’t be massively surprised if Gary is a contender for next Labour leader tbh. 2016 has taught us anything is possible.

Social Menopause: Have you gone through the change yet? In a classic me move, I read this while having an existential crisis on a Sunday, hungover.

Why flexible working makes me happier? And I read this one while ‘working’ at home (aka eating cereal out of a cup and tweeting)

My mother’s last receipt Turns out the girl who played Matilda is a pretty amazing writer these days.

What I’ve been listening too 

My Dad Wrote A Porno I’m very late to the party on this one; even if this post had gone out when it should have done I would have been weeks behind everyone. I was sceptical of Podcasts; mainly because everyone recommended Serial to me but I kept falling asleep after the first ten minutes each time I tried to listen to it and just gave up in the end and felt left out when everyone was droning on about it. I don’t need to describe My Dad Wrote A Porno to you, you’re probably already know all about it. Christ, even my mum probably does. It’s good, isn’t it? I would like more Podcast recommendations like this one please.

November’s round up should be up around mid 2017. 

I’m kidding. At least, I hope I am. 

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What the heck is Deliveroo?

I like my food. I also like not moving. So, as you can imagine, JustEat.co.uk appears a lot on my bank statements.

Sometimes though, I just ain’t buying what the takeaways are selling. If you’re not in the mood for Indian or Chinese, what do you go for? 50 quid’s worth* of Domino’s? A kebab from a place you normally only frequent after 3am and after at least 14 vodkas? You’re alright, thanks.

*You have to use the “Spend £50 to get 50% off” code; you’re just wasting money otherwise. You couldn’t just order one pizza at 15 quid – that would be silly.


This ain’t no ordinary takeaway… (Food from Lunya)

Enter Deliveroo to save the day. The restaurant based delivery service has launched in Liverpool this week and to say I’m excited is an understatement – when I came across their Twitter page I actually woke my boyfriend up to tell him that I can now have Barburrito delivered to my front door (He was on nights and less than impressed with me.) Barburrito, Lucha Libre, Slim’s Pork Chop Express, Bakchich, Raggas, Lunya, Yardbird – they’ve got all my faves. I now live in a city where I can now eat Lucha Libre’s Dirty Fries without even putting pants on – what a time to be alive.

And guess what? You don’t need to remortgage*your house to get the best of Liverpool’s restaurants in your home – it’s only £2.50! Yep, less than three English pounds for them to get on their lecky bike and bring you your scran. Remember that weird few months where anybody with a car set up a fast food delivery service? Promising to get a Maccies or KFC to you when you’re too hungover to move? Then you’d look at the price of delivery and decide against paying 10 quid for a luke warm Big Mac. Deliveroo are cheap and the average delivery time is 32 minutes, so no stale burgers or cold fries on their watch.

**LOL as if any of us have a mortgage in the first place.

They’re having a bit of a launch party at Camp & Furnace tonight so get down there and stuff your beautiful faces silly.


Like Deliveroo on Facebook


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It’s Okay to Be Positive: Boycott the January Blues

I’m beginning to worry that I have certain views purely to be a dickhead – I don’t love nor hate marmite, I got bored watching Frozen and I find Tom from McFly’s alleged romantic gestures (all those cute YouTube videos and all that) nauseating. However, finally, I find myself with an unconventional opinion that I can actually defend – January is actually a pretty decent month. This year I’m not buying into the whole ‘January blues’ theory and here’s why:


This year I haven’t seen a single ‘New Year, New Me’ shout on social media. I have however, seen plenty of generic, copy and pasted ‘jokes’ mocking those who make resolutions. Funny, guys – real funny. Okay, so no one has ever cited their success as being down to a new year’s resolution they made and everything magically falling into place from 1st January onwards. No, writing a different date won’t have any impact on your life but don’t let anyone make you feel basic for setting yourself a few goals and aims to improve your life. It’s natural to start a health regime after a couple of weeks of stuffing your face and swapping brews for mulled wine, and everyone is a bit more motivated towards their career after a bit of time off – you can make a vow to change your life on any day, at any time, but there’s no better month for it than January; plenty of other people are in the same boat and it’s a time period that has a positive attitude towards change.

Personally, I’m going to aim to read more and actually answer my mother’s phone calls.

Everyone’s fat

As someone who excessively eats and drinks all year round, I don’t carry any Christmas weight – I’m just chubby all year round. The best thing about January is that everyone has let themselves go a bit (apart from those ‘clean eaters’ who spent Christmas Day boring us with pictures of Brussel sprout smoothies and what not). You can blame the fact your jeans don’t zip up on the fact it’s ‘just after Christmas’ and you’ll get sympathy off people who can relate to your struggle, rather than someone pointing out that the jeans haven’t fit you for two years.


New diaries

Call me sad (actually, please don’t – I have low self-esteem) but starting a new diary is one of the greatest pleasures in life. There are few things more satisfying than the first few fresh pages of an organiser. I’m that pathetic that I have two; a calendar year one and an academic one. (Ok, now you can call me sad.)

End of Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year is it? Doesn’t feel like it when you’re two hours into an argument with your fake Aunt’s 2nd husband about whether they should bring back fox hunting or not.  Christmas can be tense. Well done if you managed to get through the festive period without at least one minor breakdown – you’re better at life than me.

We’re no longer stopping in our childhood bedrooms and having booze and chocolate for breakfast and, call me crazy, I’m actually glad. Normality is needed sometimes.

Good TV

Christmas TV is crap. I said it. There’s some kind of idea that just because December’s issue of the TV Times is a bumper edition, we get better TV, but let’s be honest, re runs of Only Fools & Horses and Christmas specials of Miranda and Mrs Brown’s boys are enough to make you wonder why you pay your licence fee. January sees plenty of quality programmes returning, and starting, and also, Friends comes to Netflix. It’s a real shame it’s only available in America and you’d have to get a US DNS code for your iPad or something like Hola – I’m sure none of you would do that.

Things cheap to do socially

Sure, everyone is strapped for cash after the most expensive month of the year but some of us are skint all year round and this brings us so much joy for two reasons.

1) It’s nice to hear your richer friends having to say ‘Sorry, I can’t – I’ve no cash” for a change.

2) Eating and drinking out is so much cheaper. Restaurants and bars offer deals and discounts to lure everyone in and those us of paid weekly shit wages will relish the chance to go to places we normally can’t justify splashing out on. A nice change to meeting for drinks in venues that smell like piss and desperation.

Seriously, I whooped when Barburrito sent me an email informing it’s BYGOF this month, Odeon has a fab offer on Groupon and if you’re in Liverpool then check out this Keep It Local idea from Lucha Libre.

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Restaurants – Pack It In

This year I’ve eaten out a hell of a lot – my new ‘fuller figure’ is testament to that. I’ve scoffed my way around the city due to a combination of the fact that I live in town, I’m a bit of a greedy bitch and I’m far too lazy to cook half of the time.

Even though I’m becoming a bit of a ‘foodie’ (I feel so dirty for typing that) I’m in awe of anyone who can articulately describe how food tastes; maybe if I didn’t inhale my food I’d be in a better place to explain just what my taste buds experience. My review range is limited to a ‘that was dead nice, that’ analysis to a simple ‘well that was crap’ criticism. I feel like Giles Coren if I ever successfully label an inoffensive, yet boring, dish as ‘bland’ and my smug alarm goes off. I can however, due to be being a bit of a crank, articulate what pisses me off in restaurants:

  • Drinks being served in jam jars. 2014 is coming to an end; it’s not unique or quirky anymore, think of something new – the club in Eastender’s uses them now so I think we can all agree it’s over. If I’m paying a few quid for a can of coke then serve it me in a glass at least.
  • Chips in cups. The food equivalent of the jam jars. What’s with everywhere shoving fries in a cup recently– could someone not be arsed washing any dishes one day and now it’s a thing?
  • Venues trying to make slaw happen. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of the cabbage based salad but this year I’ve developed an intense hatred of it simply due to how it’s presented to diners on menus. We’ve got ‘The Hub-Slaw’, ‘Bride-Slaw’ and the ‘House-Slaw’ to name but a few. Stop it. To quote Mean Girls “Restaurants, stop trying to make ‘slaw happen. It’s not going to happen”.
  • Pulled pork & sweet potato fries. I’m cutting my nose off to spite my face a bit with this one, as I’m obsessed with sweet potato, but a bit of variety please, restaurants. Greggs offers a pulled pork pasty now so it’s hardly the hallmark of a high-end eatery these days. Can we have a new ‘trendy’ food already?  Scotch eggs, perhaps? I’m ready to clog up my arteries with them delicious balls of fat.
  • Burger off. No more burgers! Enough! If you’re thinking of opening a new restaurant in Liverpool then steer clear of a gourmet Maccies theme – we’re full to brim with them and several amazing places have already nailed it. Bringing a burger joint to Liverpool now is like taking coal to Newcastle (or a more up to date idiom if you can think of one). Can 2015 please be the year of the pizza or something?
  • Menus on clip board. When I’m choosing what dish I want to stuff my face with, I don’t want to feel like I’m about to take notes on a Health & Safety assessment. There’s a lot to be said for the humble, laminated A4 menu.
  • Barbecue Sauce. Not everything has to be marinated, seasoned and accompanied with BBQ sauce – Jack Daniels infused or otherwise.
  • Stop neglecting the salad grafters. Yes, plenty of things taste better than being skinny feels, mainly carbs, but those of us not blessed with a supermodel’s fast metabolism (or an appetite suppressing drug addiction) need healthier alternatives to all the fried goodness on offer. Diets are boring at the best of times without having to just order the salad every time when dining out.
  • Twitter obsessed venues. It’s bad enough that we’ve got to the point where we charge our electronic books and cigarettes but we also have cope with the local pub trying to add us as a friend on social media. Twitter is an amazing marketing tool but some bars and restaurants seem to care more about their followers than the people actually sat in their venue, eating their food. A little less time spent on Twitter and a bit more time spent in the kitchen would be beneficial to some places across Liverpool. (Oo er – I sound like a teacher on an end of term report).

Originally published here.

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Review: Olive (Liverpool)

Liverpool is a city that wears the sun well and with summer looking like it’s here now, it’s the perfect opportunity to experience some al fresco dining at Olive Bar & Restaurant – an eatery suited to the upcoming hot months (Okay okay, maybe our summer will be limited to ‘days’ but lets be optimistic).

Nestled down on Castle Street, the restaurant formally known as ‘The Olive Press’ has ditched a couple of words from its name but retained their high standards towards serving delicious food and drink.

I called in for a quick weekday lunch one day last month. Upon arrival I discovered that many other people had also had the same idea – this warm and rustic venue was bustling! Situated in the heart of Liverpool’s financial quarter, it’s no surprise that Olive hosts many business lunches over the working week. Despite being packed, from the moment we descended down the stairs into the restaurant, we were greeted by attentive and cheery staff whom ensured impeccable service was delivered throughout all 3 courses.

Seated in a prime location to observe the action in the traditional Italian kitchen, we were quickly presented with our drinks and our starters soon followed. We opted for Roast Red Pepper & Tomato Soup with a Basil Mascarpone Cream (£4.95) & Tiger Prawns in a Garlic & Tomato Cream Sauce (£6.50).  I won’t waffle on – the pictures clearly show that these two starters were extremely appetising. They also provided just the right amount of bread so you don’t decide carbo-load and fill up, thus ruining your mains (A million ‘mum points’ to me for worrying about ruining my main meal!)

Now onto the said mains I was so concerned about ruining my appetite for. Being an Italian you expect the pizzas and pastas to be spot on (kinda in trouble if they’re not, to be honest) so we decided to sample the other innovative dishes Olive have to offer. I decided to be adventurous (aka not being a boring bitch and just plumping for the steak like I do every single time) and go for the pan roasted duck breast, with ratatouille and red wine sauce (£13.95).  I’ve never really been a big fan of ratatouille but this dish certainly changed my mind – it, along with the duck, was executed to perfection.

My partner decided to go for pan fried rump of lamb with spring onion mash potato, and rosemary and red wine sauce (£15.95). He made the decision to reveal that I was dating a man-child when he decided he wanted chips with his mains, rather than the mash. The staff were more than willing to accommodate this – I don’t even think any of them judged (I did).

The only thing I can fault with this course is that there could have been a little bit more to the Duck in terms of a side dish, for the price. But then again, maybe I’m just a greedy cow (most likely). I didn’t exactly starve, I’d ordered a side of fries too (always prepared!).

The dessert menu got wheeled out and, although we were pretty full from the first two courses, decided it for the best to try out a pudding (hard knock life). The menu featured all the classics and we plumped for chocolate orange & cointreau cheesecake (£5.95) and sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream (£5.95). It was the perfect way to round off a splendid afternoon of eating. I find it rare to eat three courses and not carry a food baby afterwards and feel sluggish. However, after Olive I felt satisfyingly full but didn’t feel the need to lie down in the foetal position for 4 hours afterwards; win-win!

One of the key factors in an enjoyable restaurant experience is the atmosphere and environment. Let’s face it, Wetherspoons could serve Michelin star food but it’s not going to be as enjoyable eating it in a dingy pub with the local drunk wandering around asking for a ciggie. This is where Olive absolutely nails it, because it’s cute and charming (which normally translates as ‘cramped’ but not in this case) and has a good mix of people – you get the feeling you could enjoy any kind of function there; family meals, date, business lunch, hen-do (the classy ones please, kitten heels and sashes please remain in Concert Square) and graduation meals. It’s certainly worth getting down to Castle Street this summer to experience a taste of Italy in Liverpool.

Originally published in OPEN Magazine 

Olive Liverpool, 25-27 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TA

Tel: 0151 227 2303  Website: oliverestaurants.uk.com

Review: Wagamama’s New Autumn/Winter Menu

The other week OPEN and other ‘media’ types got invited to Wagamama, to sample new flavours and dishes that will be sure to keep our stomachs satisfied throughout the winter months (I promise it wasn’t as wanky as that sentence makes it sound – I’m just being incredibly lazy and lifting actual quotes from the media release).

Anyway, here’s the deal – Wagamama has a Pan-Asian style menu and all Wagamama’s across the UK have released their new autumn/winter menu (yeah, I didn’t know restaurants had seasons like fashion either but there you go) with a few new sides, mains, a juice and dessert available and I got to try them all on a Friday night (charmed life, eh?).

First out was the sides – Pulled Pork Gyoza and Wok-Fried Greens. Normally I would never think to spend a fiver on what essentially looks like a plate of broccoli as a side, but that is certainly something that will change; I can’t really describe just how fit this simple, yet tasty combition is* (I’m well aware I’m meant to be writing a food review so I’m kind of not fulfilling one of the basic requirements but whatcha gonna do?) The five delicious pork dumplings were put on the table to share between two and I managed to swipe three of them (I wasn’t even polite about offering to split the last one – I got it right down my gob before anyone could say anything). Without a doubt, these two dishes were my winners of the evening – enjoying the sides more than anything else probably makes me a bit terminally bland but I don’t care.

Before our mains came out there was a beetroot, orange and carrot juice concoction (Root Juice) plonked in front of us. It was Friday night for crying out loud, my healthy eating plan doesn’t start until Monday morning, Wagamama! It was ok I guess. Oh who am I kidding, it was like an endurance test drinking it. I decided to down it all. I’m not the kind of girl to leave a drink, non alcoholic or not. I will be fair to it though, I didn’t have too bad a hangover the next day so maybe we should give it a chance.

The sampling of the mains was a bit of a blur as at this point I’d drunk quite a bit (it was a Friday night and it was free, get off my back). I recall my favourite being the Mahi Mahi Curry; grilled white fish in a spicy curry sauce with sweet potato, red and green peppers and mushrooms, served with rice and garnished with coriander sauce (or so the menu tells me). It tasted just as good as it looked.

I was stuffed at this point but I’ve always got room for desert and luckily Wagamama had got the memo that I’m a greedy little piglet. Keeping with the winter theme, the hot dessert was half moon pancakes served with date and orange sauce and a scoop of cinnamon sauce – delicious. Now unfortunately, my plus one decided that a picture of an empty plate would be far more useful for this review than a picture of the actual food (everyone has a cross to bear, mine’s moronic friends) so you’re going to have to use your imagination here.

I’d only ever been to Wagamama once before; a few days after getting back from a month in Thailand  (I ordered the Pad Thai and banged on about how I could now cook as I’d spent a day at cooking school over there – why did no one tell me I was a tosser?) I’ll definitely be returning (Ok there was a ten quid complimentary voucher in the goody bag but I swear down it was a nice scran). I know going to independent Liverpool bars and restaurants is being pushed at the moment and that’s a great thing but Wagamama has gorgeous food and friendly, funny staff so maybe they can join Nando’s on the list of acceptable chain restaurants to eat at.

*Wok fried greens, a simple combination of long steamed broccoli teamed with Pak Choi, stir friend with plenty of garlic and soy sauce – a perfect complement to any dish ” – That’s straight from the media release. I should have probably just uploaded the media release too – far more descriptive than me.

You can sample the delicious new Wagamama menu for yourself at: Wagamama, Liverpool One, 14 Paradise Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 8JF

Originally published in OPEN Magazine