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The article below is over two years old from when I was doing copywriting for an agency and a client needed some subtle 3rd party links to their cheerleading uniform site. Why am I publishing it now? Well, basically I need to post something to make this site classed as ‘active’ again and I’m way too busy/tired/mentally unstable to churn out any new original content.

Could I have pretended I was inspired by Ariana Grande’s trip down memory lane and padded this piece out a bit? Yes. Have I? Of course not.

It’s been 18 years since Bring It On came into our lives and made us all want to ditch our boring school netball kits in favour of cheerleading uniforms. [1]

All these years on it actually still holds up pretty well; it’s even one of the few films that passes The Bechdel Test! [2]

So while a trip down memory lane with many films or TV shows from the 00s might result in articles about how problematic is was in hindsight (Yes i’m looking at you, Friends), we can safely say Bring It On didn’t “put the ‘duh’ in dumb” and we’re free to enjoy the important life lessons it taught us…

1. You can’t half-­arse things in life – if you’re going to ­do something you need to give it your whole arse

Back in the 20th Century, we were all just getting on with our lives; blissfully unaware to what spirit fingers are. Then we enter a new millennium and in comes Sparky Polastri to wake our ignorant selves up.

You can’t just meekly wiggle your fingers and pass them off as state final winning spirit fingers. You want a Lamborghini? Sippin’ martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You better work, bitch. Sparky was the essentially the warm up act, getting us all ready for Britney’s grafter anthem 13 years later. 

If you want something in life, you’ve got to give it your all your full extended spirit fingers and work, bitch.*

*Unless you’re born rich – you’ll be fine half arse wiggling your fingers with minimal effort.

2. Stealing someone’s work is shady and rude.

If you see a funny tweet, retweet it – don’t screenshot it, crop off the name of the account and tweet it yourself with the caption “😭😭😭 Who did this?” If you like a friend’s outfit, compliment it – don’t go out and purchase the entire thing head to toe. If someone has a good idea, don’t take credit and try pass it off as your own. Sure, be inspired but don’t be the kind of person that couldn’t even conjure up their own imaginary friends.

As Torrence learns at the end, it’s better to come second being true to yourself than winning for someone else’s work.

3. The human memory works in mysterious ways.

Image result for kirsten dunst bring it on gif

“I’m sexy, I’m cute…” 18 years on and within hearing the opening bars, I can still recite the entire cheer from the opening credits, word for word. I’m not even ashamed. But do I know my own phone number off by heart despite having it for years? Nope.

Note to self: Turn phone number into a perky cheer then you might remember it.

4. Friends brothers always turn out to be hot.


One minute they annoying AF; skitting you and your mate as you try and contour your face so much you actually resemble your cousin’s passport picture and can get in the club. Then suddenly, as if by magic, they completely transform one day. They go from Calvin Harris circa 2007 to the tanned, topless cycling on snap chatting hot Calvin Harris we all appreciate today. [3]

Yes, friend’s brothers are always handy to keep an eye on as Bring It On taught us so well. Cliff > Aaron 4EVA

Finally, and most importantly…

5. Never ever forget to Bring It.

bring it

Thank u, next.

[1] Oh there’s that oh so subtle slip in ready for a URL link to take you to the store.

[2] Bring It On isn’t the only early 00s teen movie to pass the test – Read the rest of them here. People turn up their nose at ‘chick flicks’ but at least a chunk of them have two women having at least one conversation about something other than a man.

[3] This is the biggest tell I was writing for someone else and not in ‘my voice’ as the hill I will die on is that old Calvin Harris was the hot version and I could take or leave the new ‘handsome’ reboot.