A Blog To Justify The GoDaddy Renewal Fee

buy Seroquel visa We’re well over halfway through 2017 and let’s face it, my commitment to doing a monthly blog has really disappeared hasn’t it? If my life was my employee I’d be calling them in for a quarterly review and giving them the whole “We have to make some strict budget cuts and I’m afraid we can’t keep you on so there will be no further work for you after this week” speech. I’ve hired my life on a zero hour contract apparently, the hypocrite I am. 

It’s not really working out as planned, is it? 

I have a million and one excuses to why I haven’t written a single word since February but let’s be honest, who’s arsed? Cards on the table, the only reason I’m forcing myself to write this all right now I because I just renewed this site on GoDaddy and then thought “What’s the point? You don’t even use it anymore!” so here I am; trying to justify some on the 60 quid I shelled out to host this mediocre blog. 

go here What I Wrote

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember where half my work is but here’s what I can recall off the top of my head at midnight. I will add the rest* in the next few days.

Reflections On International Women’s Day: Women In Tech

Why Rachel Should Have Stayed On The Plane

How To: Decorate Your Living Room

The Real Shit That Happens In Your Twenties 

Clueless: The 2017 Scouse Edition

The 5 Stages of Shopping

The People You Meet On St Patrick’s Day

*I mean, I wouldn’t hold your breath – it took me months just to write this blog so maybe expect the updated links in the next year or so.

http://wc8voa.org/?month=feb What I’ve Been Listening To

I have listened to AIBU: Am I Being Unreasonable? hosted by ME and Ellie Q.

Yep, I’ve actually managed to start a podcast about one of my passions in life; Mumsnet. I’m going to ask our wonderful producer, Tabs just how I embed a fancy link on here etc but for now you can listen to it HERE and follow us on Twitter and Instagram on @AIBUpod

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