A link to my piece for The Metro, moaning about having acne, & a review of a treatment that I had at 53 Aesthetics which finally solved my skincare problems

There’s never really a good age to be dealing with spots, but it always seems a bit crueler to be having to pop pimples just as you’re beginning to look at how to keep the wrinkles at bay.

I started dealing with the devil that is adult acne in my early twenties and naturally, as I do with anything that is a mild inconvenience to me in life, I moan about it constantly then write a fluffy piece for The Metro about my woes which you can read here – 10 Things NOT to Say to Someone With Acne  

However, now a few years on, my skin issues have been cured, mainly thanks to some strong antibiotics and maxing out my credit card on skincare products. While my face was free from spots, I was left with some pretty gross scarring which gave me something new to moan about constantly. Thankfully, I found 53 Aesthetics and their Dermaroller Treatment…..

What the hell is a Dermaroller Treatment?

A couple of months ago, through work, I was sent to review a Dermaroller treatment as part of a skin care feature. As someone who’s been moaning about their scars and blemishes for months, you’d think I’d have been ecstatic to get such a perk through work but, true to brand, I was a bit of a miserable emo about it all. You see, I’d actually had a go with a DermaPen a couple of years before, with another salon, and left disappointed; it hurt, I had a red face for hours, it made absolutely no difference and worse of all, it cost a bloody fortune.

However, I shouldn’t have tarred every beauty salon with the same DermaPen – Jenny at 53 Aesthetics gave me such a wonderful experience I left after my first treatment and booked in for two more to finally get flawless skin. Within a few hours I already noticed my most problematic area on my cheeks had improved and over the next couple of days, I saw a vast difference with how much easier it was applying my makeup of a morning. Whereas I used to have to pile on the concealer and heavy foundation, I was able to leave the house with just a bit of BB cream on without scaring anyone too much. After a couple more sessions over the course of a few months, I finally had clear skin with no redness or scars and one less thing to whine about in life.

So what the hell is a Dermaroller treatment? Well firstly, and most importantly, my all time favourite girl Lindsay Lohan is a fan which is all I needed to know but I appreciate that not everyone is a LiLo stan so might need more information before they commit to a session.

The Dermaroller facial is the latest invention to promise you a more flawless complexion; reducing the appearance of scars, evening skin tone, boosting collagen and plumping the skin. A micro-needling system that has 12 microscopic needles, when the tips make contact with the skin, the needles work to make tiny punctures which result in the creation of healthy new collagen. Sounds scary but it’s not. Full disclosure, I’m a bit of a weirdo who enjoys having her eyebrows waxed so maybe it could be painful but for me, at worst it was just slightly uncomfortable at times. You get an odd sensation that makes you feel like you’re about to sneeze now and again and the idea of needles being run across your face can be a bit daunting but Jenny makes you feel relaxed and calm and puts any concerns you may have at ease.

What actually happens?

The whole process took around an hour. Starting with Jenny cleansing and preparing my skin with what felt like a relaxing mini facial in itself, my face was then ready for the pen. I opted for the serum that reduces acne scarring but you can choose from others which include anti ageing or a mixture of the choices. Your face is numbed prior to the Dermapen coming in contact with your skin to minimise any discomfort and you go three ‘rounds’; with a break in between each one to give your face chance to recover.

Immediately after the procedure, my face was a little red, like I had done a workout at the gym, but there was nothing too dramatic. Within a few hours, it had completely died down so there’s no chance of resembling Sam from Sex and the City after she had her peel. Jenny advised me to keep my skin away from water and the sun for as long as possible so to get the best results from the treatment; allowing my face to keep repairing without any interference. Luckily I live in England where sun only makes a guest appearance now and again and I was more than happy to spend the day in my flat avoiding showering.

Where is best to go?

Well, spoiler alert, I think you can guess that I’m going to recommend Jenny at 53 Aesthetics rather than the first place that left me out-of-pocket and with a face that looked like a spotty strawberry.

It’s not just the appearance of scars that it has improved, my face also feels fresher, tighter and younger. And all without having to drink lots of water and take my makeup off before bed. In your face, mum.

Jenny is based at Prado in Liverpool One. Like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.