I've basically become so self indulgent I'm publishing a monthly diary. I'm also lazy and have taken over a month to get round to posting my first one.

Before anyone says anything, I am well aware that today it is November 1st and September was absolutely ages ago but you know what, this has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now and I’m going to publish it because otherwise it will wind me up and I’ll probably still think about how I never got round to finishing this blog off at 3am one night in 2054.

So what’s the deal with this? Well, a few months ago I signed up to Emma Gannon’s newsletter and got all inspired. Every Sunday I get an email from her packed with cool articles, links to podcasts, videos and interesting pieces of writing and I realised that doing something similar could be a really cool way for me to start blogging regularly. Because another lifestyle blogger is what the world is crying out for right now, I know, but seeing as I have a blog I should actually have a go at yano, blogging.

Given that I’m a tad late with this one, and my memory is hazy, it seems a bit pointless to bore you all with recommendations of articles to read that are now so old they’re now in history books so we’ll try again next time. I realise I have done the online equivalent of starting a long story then getting bored of telling it halfway through and drifting off topic.

October’s round up (which I will post this week – I SWEAR!) will be better; I’ll pack it with fun stuff I actually did, reading recommendations, funny podcasts I’m enjoying, events I’m planning to attend and other stuff I feel people will be interested in as I’m a massive narcissist. If you haven’t been put off too much by this rambling post, hit subscribe and you’ll get an email when I promptly publish my next one.

So, that was my September Issue – I don’t think Vogue has anything to worry about just yet.