Oh no biggie, I just have a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD IN GRAZIA!

I’ve only gone and got myself a feature in this week’s Grazia magazine, a cover story no less, and I’m really, really psyched about it. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my excessive retweeting of all my loved ones and their copies of the magazine. If you don’t, than lucky you – you’ve been spared my spam.

It’s out to buy in shops until Tuesday but if you don’t love me enough to spend 2 quid to read it, here’s the PDF version!

(But you should buy it, even if you hate me – it includes a voucher for 25% off River Island!)

Little anecdote: When I excitedly lashed a picture of the article on my Snapchat story the first person to view it was my ex boyfriend who inspired the article which I thought would be the most awkward person to view it but I was wrong. A few hours later one of the Icelandic boys we met in Brussels (read the story about them here) had a look at my story. The one whose face is plastered all over the magazine. I hadn’t mentioned he would be in a UK magazine. Jen had also told him I was 20, not 26 like it says in bold in print. He had no idea we were on some heartbreak bender.

I wonder if he managed to get a copy in Iceland?