A review of what it was like to return to my favourite student night in Liverpool, Medication as a twenty something.

Back in 2008, my biggest concern was that I’d be cursed with 9am lecture on a Thursday morning. It should have been the fact that I was penciling my eyebrows in all wrong and wearing some pretty questionable outfits exclusively from Primark, but hey, we’ve all been there.

My fear of on early* start on campus was solely down to the fact Medication, Liverpool’s iconic student night, was held on Wednesday and rising from bed before midday after a night at Nation was never really an option.

* early? Bless my lazy student heart.

A few years on** and Medication is now on Friday nights – much to the relief of universities across the city; campus will no longer be a desert on Thursday mornings while every under graduate across Merseyside is passed out in halls, rather than attending lectures.

**Seven. SEVEN whole years it’s been since I was a Fresher. My God I’m getting on.

With their new night convenient for adult me and her future hangover the next day, I was able to accept an invitation down to Wolstenholme Square for a chance to relive my misspent youth.


Uni fees may have trebled, my eyebrows may now be constantly be on fleek, and I look a show in H&M numbers, rather than Primark these days, but one thing that’s managed to stay the same is Medication. Actually no, scratch that – it’s better. We may have been looking enviously at all the teenagers downing luminous alcopops without the fear of heart palpitations* but we still had the time of our lives; the next day wondering if that dodgy bloke from the pub could do me a fake student ID so I can go every week?

My favourite part of the evening was being able to get in the DJ box with the legendary Matt Hibbert on the decks and watch the balloon drop (see the video above!) One of my friends had such a miserable look on his face the whole time we were in there dancing, I couldn’t understand it – he’d been having a ball earlier. When I pulled him up on it the next day he revealed he was absolutely buzzing but deliberately looked moody so anyone looking up would think “God, that guy’s so lucky to be up there but he’s fed up. Ungrateful bastard.” He’s an arsehole but an elaborate, funny one.

*is there anything more mid twenties than learning you can’t have a blag WKD without feeling like you’re going to die?

Last year’s Med

If you’re lucky enough to still be a student, here’s some life advice courtesy of me, a 26 year old who’s kinda got her shit together:

1. Start going to ALL your lectures and seminars because it’s going to hit you like a bus when you enter the real world and you’re used to only churning out three hour weeks, at most. All you have to do is put on sweats, attempt to wash off the previous night’s club stamp and sit at the back smelling – easy.

2. Sleep with whoever you want. Seriously, sleep with your next door neighbour, if you want. Sleep with your ex if you fancy it. Because as soon as you graduate and become a proper grown up, getting laid just isn’t as easy. You can’t sleep with your neighbour as he’s most likely married, and you sure as hell can’t sleep with your ex without opening yourself up to a few days of self loathing about what direction your life is heading in. No, have fun at uni and don’t let anyone judge you.

3. GO TO MEDICATION WHILE YOU CAN. It’s not going to be their forever *sobs* and neither will you be a student forever. Sure, you’ll have a bit more disposable income when you’re older and be sipping elaborate cocktails in fancy bars with names you can’t pronounce, and that’s fun too, but nothing compares to those nights in Medication.

Vodka RedBulls in Plazzy Cups > Any Fancy Cocktail. IDST.

Halloween is always special at Medication so head over there tomorrow in a boss costume and have an absolute ball.

It’s never ticketed (don’t believe any club promotor mings from other venues that say otherwise) so there’s room for 2000 of you to pay on the door but they do lock out so don’t leave it to the last minute to head over.

Here’s Matt Hibbert’s Halloween Med Mix to get you in the mood.

See you there tonight, if Dodgy Gaz from the pub has got my blag Student ID sorted.

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