What the heck is Deliveroo?

http://newdurhamlibrary.org/event/ozobots-3/2016-04-13/ I like my food. I also like not moving. So, as you can imagine, JustEat.co.uk appears a lot on my bank statements.

Sometimes though, I just ain’t buying what the takeaways are selling. If you’re not in the mood for Indian or Chinese, what do you go for? 50 quid’s worth* of Domino’s? A kebab from a place you normally only frequent after 3am and after at least 14 vodkas? You’re alright, thanks.

*You have to use the “Spend £50 to get 50% off” code; you’re just wasting money otherwise. You couldn’t just order one pizza at 15 quid – that would be silly.


This ain’t no ordinary takeaway… (Food from Lunya)

Enter order no prescription Quetiapine Deliveroo to save the day. The restaurant based delivery service has launched in Liverpool this week and to say I’m excited is an understatement – when I came across their Twitter page I actually woke my boyfriend up to tell him that I can now have Barburrito delivered to my front door (He was on nights and less than impressed with me.) Barburrito, Lucha Libre, Slim’s Pork Chop Express, Bakchich, Raggas, Lunya, Yardbird – they’ve got all my faves. I now live in a city where I can now eat Lucha Libre’s Dirty Fries without even putting pants on – what a time to be alive.

And guess what? You don’t need to remortgage*your house to get the best of Liverpool’s restaurants in your home – it’s only £2.50! Yep, less than three English pounds for them to get on their lecky bike and bring you your scran. Remember that weird few months where anybody with a car set up a fast food delivery service? Promising to get a Maccies or KFC to you when you’re too hungover to move? Then you’d look at the price of delivery and decide against paying 10 quid for a luke warm Big Mac. see Deliveroo are cheap and the average delivery time is 32 minutes, so no stale burgers or cold fries on their watch.

**LOL as if any of us have a mortgage in the first place.

They’re having a bit of a launch party at Camp & Furnace tonight so get down there and stuff your beautiful faces silly.


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