A review of the exclusive preview of Amy Schumer's Trainwreck, hosted by Glamour, with a Q&A conducted by Caitlin Moran.


If you’ve clicked this link wondering, “Who the hell is this Amy Schumer everyone’s banging on about?” then you need to stop reading this and spend the next 167 hours of your life attempting to catch up on everything the hottest thing in comedy has been doing. Seriously, why are you still reading this – GO! Go to YouTube right this second and don’t come back until Amy Schumer is your queen.

For the rest of you who do know who she is (my kind of people), you’re about to become extremely freakin’ jealous of me: last night I was lucky enough to attend the Glamour screening of her brand new movie Trainwreck (amazing, I know) followed by a Q&A with the woman herself, hosted by none other than Caitlin Moran (even more amazing – I KNOW!!)

“Amy Schumer’s comedy is not just incredibly funny; it’s necessary and beautiful and revolutionary. What she’s doing right now is actually important; she’s having a massive viral hit pretty much every week and her stuff is like 100,000 years of patriarchal bullshit being definitively sorted out one step at a time.  Anyone who’s seen any of her sketches will agree –Last Fuckable Day, Girl, You  Don’t Need Makeup, The Trial of Bill Cosby, Young Female Celebs on Chat Shows, Rape in Football and, my favourite, Milk Milk Lemonade – which may have ruined both booty hip hop videos and anal sex FOREVER in one video. This is the feminist dream – the biggest, hottest things in the comedy world right now are righteous, feminist, arse punching glory. Amy Schumer has perhaps invented Funinism (Go with it, I’m copywriting it – I have merchandise.) Last night she won the Trailblazer award at The Glamour Awards and gave a five minute acceptance speech which, and I’m not exaggerating, was like watching a young Richard Prior come in and tear the fucking room up. It contained the affirmation “I’m 160lbs and catch a dick whenever I want” which got a standing ovation; a woman who won two Olympic gold medals did not – that’s your context right there.”

Picture stolen from the Glamour website as all my pictures were a blur due to me shaking with laughter.

Amy Schumer didn’t really need an introduction for her Q&A but Caitlin Moran gave her the perfect one anyway. You know that kind of laughter where it starts to hurt/you think you may pee yourself/snot runs down your face (or, if you’re super sexy, all three at the same time)? Well Amy managed to get that out of me for 30 minutes solid during her chat with the audience. Even in her exhausted, jet lagged state she naturally managed to ensure that is seemed like every 5th word she said incited a rapturous round of laughter from her fan girls (and boys). Discussing how autobiographically the film is (55% apparently), Tom Hardy’s MySpace photos, the plan for the female writers of her show to wear wedding dresses to the Emmys (“Just to freak everyone out”), and Chris Rock’s wife and her diva demands (you had to be there*), the New York born comedian proved (not that she needed to) that she’s just as funny unscripted and off the cuff as she is on screen.

Trying to dissect my favourite anecdotes and moments for this blog is too hard; it’s like asking me to choose between burritos or ciggies – I just can’t do it. If you’re going to pressure me, I think my personal highlight was her discussion regarding being a woman and how we approach sex:

It’s hard being a strong chick. We’re still expected to have sex with men and be like “No, no, I don’t want an orgasm – I’m just proud to be part of your process.”

(I enjoyed that because I’m fed up of boys being busy talking about giving a girl ‘the D’ without any concern to giving her ‘an O’.)

And what about the film? How does Trainwreck measure up? Well of course it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING – it was never going to be anything but. It’s the new Mean Girls/Bridesmaids/whatever film featuring strong comedic female characters – God forbid we watch a female led film without first being reminded that women have proven themselves to be funny in the past. Seriously, can we not be persuaded to watch a film led by women/a woman any other way?

Trainwreck is as refreshing as it is relatable, hilarious as it is heart-warming, and leaves you feeling positive that we’re heading in the right direction regarding women in the entertainment industry.

With the likes of Amy Schumer leading the way, we may just get ‘there’ a little faster than we thought.

** I just want to remind you that I WAS THERE.

When you’ve exhasted the YouTube videos, have a read of this.  I don’t think I’ve ever related to a personal essay so much before.

Thank you Glamour, you absolutely made my month!

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