As we bid farewell to Never Mind The Buzzcocks, here are my favourite moments from the past few years of the show.

I was absolutely gutted when I heard that Never Mind the Buzzcocks had been cancelled after 18 years on the air. What was their problem? Was Noel Fielding in a cape not good enough for these people? Where will I begin questionable crushes on previously mute backing singers now eh? And how will we all know just what washed up pop stars are up to?* Have they thought about just how selfish they’re being?

While I got all red face emoji at the Beeb, I suddenly realised I couldn’t quite remember the last time I sat and watched an episode of the indie panel show. Sure, I’ve stumbled across new episodes on iPlayer now and again and smirked my way through, but if I’m honest, it’s never been the same since Simon Amstell made like Preston and walked away from the show.

Still, it’s better to have loved and lost, so here are a few of my favourite moments from the 270 episodes.

*Probably via Twitter, to be fair.

  1. “I invented Live 8” Season 18 Episode 3

Guess what? My all-time favourite moment ISN’T Preston storming off mid show, you bunch of basics. Why is everyone claiming this to be the show’s greatest moment? It’s almost as if they missed RYAN JARMAN REVEAL HE INVENTED LIVE 8!! Come on, people.  Sod it, I’m going to put it out there – this one’s the best episode of the lot. Want proof of how good it is? Happy Monday’s Bez is a supporting character! Bez, a bloke who is the personification of a three day acid trip, wasn’t even the best booking that episode. If you haven’t gone through a stage of regularly watching this episode a little bit worse for wear, at 6am in a living room after a night out, we probably can’t be mates. **

** I also watch classic episodes of Big Brother One and interviews with Paul ‘Dangerous’ Danan– feel free to judge me.

  1. Noel’s cape

Apparently no one has deemed this moment worthy of a YouTube upload. I mean, there are people that have popped up a video of themselves cutting their toenails, but no one has so far decided to share with the world the moment Noel Fielding recalled what Noel Gallagher said regarding his tremendous cape:

Noel Cape

“It’s not the fact you’re wearing a cape, it’s the fact that it’s a Tuesday. Who wears a cape on a Tuesday?”

Enjoy one half of the Goth Detectives swishing around in a cape here.

  1. Preston storms off

Okay, so while it’s not my number one, it’s still utterly delicious. And the best part on Preston’s paddy? The fact he tries to pass off his departure as being down to his wife being insulted, not the fact he hadn’t handled Simon Amstell’s ribbing from the second the show started.

  1. Donny Tourette Season 20 Episode 2

Who was Donny Tourette? Was he actually a serious musician or was it a parody character; like Keith Lemon? Where is he now? What’s he up to?*I think we all know how I’m spending the rest of my evening *googles Donny Tourette*  Let’s face it; he will forever be known for giving us 29 minutes and 9 seconds of intense viewing pleasure in 2007.

Punks love points.

*Donny Tourette has a Twitter account if you’re prepared to lose a few hours trawling through his amazing tweets. They’re not up there with Paul Danan’s but we can’t ask for too much in life.

  1. Amy Winehouse

Oh Amy, I miss her so much. Actually, I don’t think I the Amy highlights are so enjoyable anymore; bittersweet viewing once you see the foreshadowing.

The best of Amy on Buzzcocks

Sorry to end on such a downer, guys.

I’m off to watch Dave.

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