In honour of National Waiters Day, 5 reasons you should always leave a tip behind after service.

It’s got to the point where every Tom, Dick and Harry has a ‘day’ to celebrate them or their industry (Still no day for ‘Whiney writers who drink & smoke too much’ though.) Today, Thursday 21st May, is the turn of waiters andhospitality staff. I’m actually well on board with National Waiters Day and here are 5 reasons you should leave a big fat tip whenever you’re out eating or drinking.

or anywhere
or anywhere

Good tippers have better sex

Look, I’m not making these stats up but 93% of those that tip well have great sex lives. 98.5% of non-tippers only have missionary on a Friday night once a fortnight. Facts are facts.

To Insure Proper Service

Did you know that TIPS actually stands for To Insure Proper Service? Well you do now. If you’re staying in the same bar all night, use your brain – giving a 50p tip on a round of drinks will probably mean that you’ll never be left stood gormlessly waiting to be served, or have your drinks watered down. Eat at a certain restaurant regularly? Leave a few quid behind after your meal and you’ll end up being treated like a VIP on your visits.

Change is annoying

I come home from a night out with a clutch bag full of pound coins because apparently after a few drinks I don’t like to pay with change and instead prefer to break twenties in #baller. The next day, £20 quid in change will get spent on sweets, treats and other random confectionary to ease my hangover as my alcohol infected brain won’t see it as real money. Better in a barman’s tip jar than helping fund my bulging waistline.

Good tippers find love

Remember in Sex and the City when Samantha took home Smith the waiter? Do we reckon he’d have gone home with her and fallen for her had she been the kind to leave 10p on a £60 bill? No. Your true love could right now be serving tables or making cocktails so don’t introduce yourself into their life as a tight arse.

Reckon Sam would have got the man had she left a principled rant about how she doesn't receive tips for doing her job rather than 20%?
Reckon Sam would have got the man had she left a principled rant about how she doesn’t receive tips for doing her job rather than 20%?

Hospitality staff suffer

And here’s the only reason that actually matters – prepare yourself for a mini rant. Hospitality work is the lowest paid profession in the UK and waiters, bar staff and other positions earn well below the Living Wage. Tips supplement their wage and ensure many can pay rent, bills and stock their fridges. Of course, it shouldn’t be our responsibility to ensure workers in this country get a fair wage, but at the moment we’re nowhere near having a government to get that sorted let’s just all agree to stop being so precious about leaving a couple of quid after we’ve been quite happy to pay £3 for a 50p can of coke in a glass.

If you want to read more about me moaning about how hospitality staff are treat, more fool you, but knock yourself out HERE.

If you can afford to eat out, you can afford to tip. If you don’t, you’re cheap and greedy.

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