How to Not Fund a Tory Business

see url “I’m proud that Labour have links with ordinary working people. David Cameron is bankrolled by a few millionaires #PMQs”

Ed Miliband, tweeting after Prime Minister’s Questions, 10 July 2013

Angry with the news we’ve got five more years of Tory rule ahead of us? Me too. Let’s pledge to stop lining the pockets of businesses that donate to a party who attack society’s most vulnerable people. Below are a few Tory benefactors and better alternatives of where to spend your cash rather than with them:

erythromycin ophthalmic ointment purchase Warburtons

Who knew making your butties for lunch at your minimum wage, zero hours contract job could inadvertently help fund the Tories? In April 2010, in the build-up to the General Election, Warburtons Ltd gave the Conservative party a £25,000 donation. In the very same month, David Cameron launched the Tory election campaign in a Warburton’s bakery, against a background of Warburtons products. Hmmm.

"And this George is something that millions of families can't afford - bread."

“And this George, is something being handed out at thousands of food banks across the country!”

Their slices of bread don’t even fit in the toaster so this is an easy one to swerve.

Alternative suggestion:  Personally, I buy my bagels, bread and crumpets from k aygestin 5 mg Aldi – cheap, delicious and Tory fee. If you can’t get to an Aldi, Hovis is politically impartial.


This one isn’t exactly a surprise; If I were ever to go to a fancy dress party as bland, middle class Tory, Next would be my first port of call for an outfit. The clothing store’s CEO Lord Wolfson has donated more than £400,000 to the Conservatives since 2006. The Tory peer, worth an estimated £112million, has also criticised those calling for firms to pay staff a Living Wage, set at £7.85 across the country and £9.15 in London. In conclusion, he’s a bad egg.

Buy your sensible black work pants elsewhere.

Alternative suggestion: If you really do have your heart set on dressing like a menopause, head to John Lewis, Marks & Spencer or Bonmarche maybe? I’m not going to offer any suggestions to their home range – bin the ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ plaque and get a personality.


Founder Nick Jenkins was one of those who signed The Telegraph letter backing a Conservative government.

Alternative Suggestion: Remember when we all wondered why Funky Pigeon came about when Moon Pig had it covered? Well now we know. Funky Pigeon Dot Com it is.

Sports Direct

Within 24 hours of the Tories coming into power, Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley saw his fortune jump up by an estimated £100million!

Why? Well the billionaire is a big fan of exploitive zero hour contracts which Labour leader Ed Miliband would have banned had he been elected. With the Tories obviously not going to stop ‘Victorian’ style work deals, Sports Direct shares shot up from £6.20 to £6.56 between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy protested outside a Sports Direct store last month in anger at the 700,000 people across Britain without guaranteed hours.

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy protested outside a Sports Direct store last month in anger at the 700,000 people across Britain without guaranteed hours.

Alternative suggestion: This one hurt me; I was previously a big fan of getting kid’s Nike tees from Sports Direct for the gym. However, I’ve found many alternatives for cheap sportswear that don’t help fund Newcastle’s Scrooge and his pie fund. Outlets, Matalan (Honestly, it’s fab) and Adidas often do amazing sales.

The Sun Newspaper

Okay, so while The Sun, The Times and Sky don’t directly donate to David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch is certainly the puppet master when it comes to UK politics. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone over the age of 10 who can read not to buy The Sun; even if you used to occasionally purchase it for a freebie, or a certain exclusive, you should be leaving the sexist, homophobic and xenophobic rag well alone after their pretty anti-Semitic smear campaign against Ed Miliband in the run up to the election. They may portray themselves as the paper for your ordinary, white van man but The Sun is the enemy of the working classes – they’ll piss on your back and tell you it’s raining.

Alternative Suggestion: Why not support The Morning Star?


“Football, beer, and above all gambling, filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”
George Orwell, 1984

It’s cruel to think that while someone is gambling their rent away, or pouring their kid’s pocket money into a fruit machine, in the grasps of a gambling addiction, someone profits from all this. Betfair founder and shareholder, Edward Wray has profited well from other’s misery and has donated just under £210,000 to the Tories since 2010.

In fact, the lot of them are at it – Ladbrokes, William Hill & BetFred. Had Labour got in I would have had a bet on the bookies being very upset given what they had pledged to introduce.

Read more HERE.

Alternative Suggestion: It is quite hard to find a completely non-partisan bookmakers with nothing to gain from a Conservative government. Instead, have a look at GamCare if you, or anyone you know, may have a problem with gambling.


Oh it just gets crueller, doesn’t it? Iceland, the supermarket that stocks working class fridges with cheap frozen food, are massive Tories. Founder Malcom Walker, initially refused to pay a £2.5m tax bill for a staff trip to Disney World in Florida, accusing the government of a “tax on fun”. Walker later said he had settled that bill with the Inland Revenue, which he said had made concessions “and we’re very happy with the outcome.” He also signed the Pro Tory letter to The Telegraph prior to the election.

Alternative Suggestion: Aldi. I swear I’m not being sponsored by Aldi but they are bloody fantastic.

Other businesses that signed the letter to The Telegraph backing the Tories and/or donate to the party:

Links of London, Kurt Gieger, LK Bennett, Carphone Warehouse, BAE Systems, Thorntons, Whitbread, De Vere Hotels, RAC, Alton Towers, Anya Hindmarch, Mothercare, Blue Inc, West Ham. Full list HERE

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