With Liverpool named the Boob Job Capital of the UK I explored three alternatives to going under the knife to get bigger boobs.

Originally published in OPEN Magazine

Kim Kardashian’s oiled up behind attempted to #breaktheinternet earlier this year, and although the web remained intact, the hysteria surrounding her backside certainly reaffirmed our fascination with all things booty related.

2014 saw a 13% increase in Brazilian Bum Lifts across the UK, and no one could escape the 30 Day Squat Challenge. But while it may seem like boobs have taken, ahem, a ‘back seat’ to bums, breast augmentation still remains the most popular form of plastic surgery. Based on last year’s facts and figures, Liverpool is now the boob job capital of the UK; more women across the city are getting silicone implants than anywhere else in the country.

While Merseyside is certainly still in love with ballooned boobs, the rest of the country seems to be deflating. Following the lead of the likes of Victoria Beckham and Katie Price, not only has demand for boob jobs dropped by a quarter, many women have actually had their implants removed or reduced.  A shift seems to be occurring; glamour model style tits are out, a natural, ‘less is more’ look is in. Are Scousers *gasp* becoming a bit dated with our quest to fill DD bras? Liverpool normally leads the crowd, not lags behind – what is happening?

Not all trends from the 90’s make a comeback


“For me it’s not about fashion, or having massive Pamela Anderson style boobs,” Rachel, 27 argues in defence of meddling with what God gave you. “I’m currently putting every spare penny I have towards my boob job fund. I’m a 32B and I want to go up just a couple of cup sizes, nothing fake looking. It’s for confidence – nothing to do with trends or fashion. I’ve felt this way for years so this isn’t a flippant decision.”

With Rachel adamant that she wants to go ahead with her plan, but the average cost of surgery around £5000, we decided to explore a few cheaper, non-surgical alternatives to going under the knife.

The non-surgical boob job

The effects of a boob job without the pain, surgery or scars? With this sounding just too good to be true, Pure Rise on Rodney St (the only place in the UK to offer this procedure) had to be our first port of call.

A quick look at some amazing before and after pictures had us intrigued; how are such incredible results achieved without even so much as a needle? But before we could start bombarding Caroline, the director of Pure Rise, with questions, she got something more important than increasing a bra size out the way – a breast check.

photo 2
Before a session at Pure Rise

“It’s shocking how many girls don’t know how to examine their breasts,” she revealed while feeling Rachel’s breasts for any lumps. “There is a huge history of breast cancer in my family and I want to do as much as I can to help educate women about what to look out for,” she explains. “I’d much rather girls come here to boost their breast size rather than risk going under the knife or stick needles in their boobs that can be so damaging to your health.”

With Rachel’s 34B’s thoroughly checked, it was time to see if she could become another of Pure Rise’s success stories.  The treatment involves a combination of vacuum suction, massage vibration, micro current charge and photo dynamic light therapy. And what does all that entail? Lying back on a bed while some big clear cups vibrate over your breasts, basically.

“It feels so weird,” Rachel squirmed as I laughed at her boobs jiggling in clear, cone cups. “It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but it’s quite relaxing, in an odd way.”


The whole process takes around 30 – 40 minutes with absolutely no side effects, other than a slight bit of redness straight afterwards. The length of how long the results last varies, but typically one session will last around 7 days and the more you have, the more prolonged the effects are.

Acting as a temporary alternative to going under the knife, it’s a fantastic way to ‘Try before you buy’ if you’re in the market for bigger boobs. After all, you wouldn’t drop 5 grand on say, a dress without making sure it was the perfect fit, so you need to check you suit larger breasts before parting with your cash at the plastic surgeons.

www.purerise.co.uk Prices start from just £50

Rachel’s verdict: Absolutely amazing. I still can’t get over how instantaneous the results were. Looking in the mirror was like looking at someone else’s boobs! I only wish the results were permanent then I wouldn’t even be looking into surgery. I will certainly be coming here again before my holiday this summer!

Hello Boys….and bras

Since the Wonderbra first burst into our lives way back in the 90’s, the underwear industry hasn’t stopped developing and improving bras that boost our assets. The high street has plenty of offerings promising to give the ‘Hello Boys’ effect, but which one out there creates a cleavage that could stop traffic? Well you’ll find it alongside cock rings and nipple tassels – that’s right, Ann Summers boasts the best one on the market with their Triple Boost Plunge Bra.

hello boys


Rachel’s verdict: Although it’s fabulous for if I needed boobs to fill out dress, or want a killer cleavage, it’s still just a bra – it’s not really a long term solution for me. However, it is without doubt the best bra I’ve ever tried.

Makeup magic

Hollywood blockbusters are praised for their CGI etc, but some of the real special effects you see on screen come from expertly applied bronzer and blending. It’s no secret that in the past, the boobs of flatter chested leading ladies have been boosted in the makeup room, most notably Kiera Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean. “They painted my tits on me for the films, which is extraordinary because it’s kind of a dying art form,” the actress revealed back when promoting the franchise. “And I loved it, completely loved it. Because it was the first time in my life I had big tits, and I didn’t even need surgery.”

Keira said the process of creating the cleavage took 45 minutes every morning before filming started.
Keira said the process of creating the cleavage took 45 minutes every morning before filming started.

This isn’t something reserved for the A List; contouring the chest is becoming increasingly popular across the region.

“A lot of smaller chested girls have asked me if I can teach them how to strategically apply a bit of bronzer & shimmer across their chest to create an illusion,” local make-up artist Louise divulged. “It’s certainly something a lot of brides look into for their special day.”

While some in possession of A cups may resent their bee stings, they can’t deny the pro of being able to wear floaty, strappy tops without ugly bra straps on show. Learning how to deceptively blend and bronze is perfect for when you want to ditch the bra filled with more chicken fillets than a Nandos.

“The first thing to remember, keep all your products Matte,” Louise wisely advices. “Too much sparkle and glitter all over your chest and everyone will be onto you.”

“There’s not much to it really,” she explains as talking us through the steps. “It’s a case of getting a large body brush with some bronzer and running it down the crease of your boobs. Then you need to take a highlight and trace an ‘m’ shape over the top of your breasts. Finish off with a brush of bronzer over the same ‘m’ shape and you should be good to go. This is a very simple guide, you can get some great YouTube tutorials, but this is roughly all you’ll be doing.”

Rachel’s verdict: This is a nice trick to master but ultimately, like the bra, it’s not really a solution. Although, I must admit, I will contour my chest as much as my cheeks now I know what to do.

And what’s the overall outcome? Will Rachel be helping Liverpool retain its title as Boob Job Capital of the UK next year or has she been swayed to stay away from the surgeon?

“I’m certainly going to carry on saving up,” she admitted. “However, after hearing Caroline talk about breast cancer and her experiences, it definitely made me slightly more reluctant to go down the surgery route and meddle with my breasts. I think I’m going to have a few more sessions at Pure Rise done and see how I get on. Getting my boobs done could end up being a regular appointment; like having your nails or eyebrows done. I’m not promising I won’t go under the knife but I really glad I explored a few options.”

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