A review of Liverpool's premier eyebrow specialists, Nirvana Aesthetics.

UPDATE: Sophie is now working with Nirvana Aesthetics.

Originally published for OPEN Magazine

It doesn’t matter how many time Vogue dubs it a Power Brow, it’s a Scouse Brow and everyone knows it.

Everyone wants a Scouse Brow; the desire for perfect arched eyebrows is a quest no longer just confined to Merseyside area – the rest of the country has now got in on the act. With the Duchess of Cambridge sporting a full brow and Cara Develingine’s fabulous eyebrows even commanding their own Twitter page, brow maintenance has never been so crucial. Naturally, Liverpool is home to the best place in the country to get yourself some HD Eyebrows sculpted to perfection – Browtique. Situated on Rodney St, in town, Browtique is where to go for boss brows – OPEN‘s very own agony aunt @scousebirdprobs is even an advocate, what more endorsement do you need?

I caught up with Sophie, Browtiques owner, to discuss just how perfect brows are created and celebrity clients.

Everyone’s flocking to you at the moment for HD eyebrows – What makes HD eyebrows give such good results, rather than just plucking and waxing?

With HD it’s a tailored treatment which is unique to everyone’s faces, it’s more focussed for each individual – You get your eyebrows measured up, your face shape and type is assessed, it’s discussed how much make up each client wears, what kind of look they’re after.

How did you become the go to girl for sorting out Merseyside’s brows?

Well, I did Forensic Science for 4 years at university and then I was cooking chicken full time in Nandos!! I didn’t have a clue what to do. I loved getting my eyebrows done but when I came home, everywhere was rubbish so I decided to go on a course to master how to do them and offer a brilliant service to everyone in Liverpool! That was back in October and I’ve not really looked back since, it’s been amazing.

You’ve done Scouse Bird’s HD Brows, she’s a local celebrity -Any celebrities eyebrows you’d love to get your hands on?

I really want to do Michelle Keegan’s, I’d love to do hers. I’d also like to treat Natasha Hamilton too!

Browtiques is expanding isn’t it – what should the brow conscious population be looking out for?

Well with ‘Blushious Contour’, we offer the ‘Shrinking Violet Wrap’ which can take inches off you and also permanent eyebrow make up. So once you’ve got your eyebrows the perfect shape through HD, you can get them tattooed on! We’re looking to have a launch party in the next few weeks so keep your eyes on our Twitter page!

So girls, if you don’t want your eyebrows to look an absolute show, like say Pamela Anderson’s, (Seriously, how has she got to her 40′s without someone having a quiet word in her ear about them?) you know where you need to get to Malinki Cosmetics on Rodney Street.

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