An interview with Roxanne Pallett ahead of her Liverpool play Ladies Day at The Royal Court Theatre.

It’s a case of mixing business with pleasure for former Emmerdale star,  Roxanne Pallett as she returns to her second home of Liverpool to star in Amanda Whittington’s new comedy Ladies Day.

LJMU graduate Roxanne will star as the fame hungry Shelley in The Royal Court’s latest comedic offering.

The feel-good comedy centres around 4 fish-packing factory colleagues who leave their troubles at home for a fizz-filled day at the races.

Roxanne revealed how she cannot wait to start playing larger than life Shelley. “This role is so different from what I normally play,” she says “I usually get roles for either the victim or the villain so it’s nice to play someone so full of life and comedic. It was a real compliment that the director cast me alongside 3 genuine, authentic Scousers.”

The 3 genuine Scousers in question are, Royal Court regulars, Lynn Francis and Eithne Brown and new face, Angela Simms. “We’re like a bargain basement version of Sex and The City,” laughs Roxanne when discussing her cast-mates. “I think that the four characters have that vibe in which everyone can relate to one of them. You’ve got someone who’s very vulnerable, a feisty one, someone who says the wrong thing at the wrong time, someone who’s got a secret – each character goes on a real journey. There’s a great unity between us, on and off stage. I love these girls and I love my character. Everyone’s got a loud friend like Shelley.”


“Shelley’s a great character to play,” she reveals “she idolises the likes of Katie Price and is the kind of girl who will buy a magazine and buy everything from it. My outfit is just outrageous. I was actually a judge at Aintree Racecourse this time last year and I’ve been flicking through some pictures – there’s a few girls with their extensions in, all dolled up and then they’re snapped with a portion of chips in one hand and a blue WKD in the other which i think is priceless – that’s Shelley to a T.”

Roxanne speaks with nothing but love for her 3 years spent as a student in Liverpool; “I just love being back, whenever I get a free weekend I do like to come to Liverpool to see friends. I absolutely love the city.” Fresh from her stint with The Rocky Horror show, recently appearing at The Empire, Roxanne mentions how she feels she’s come a full circle with Liverpool. “There’s just something so magical about this city, I think a lot of people’s dreams come true here; I’ve just been at The Empire and now I’m at The Royal Court; my dreams started in Liverpool and now I’m here on stage so it’s really nice.”

You can catch Roxanne on the very stage she talks about at The Royal Court Theatre from 14th June – 13th July. Tickets and information are available from or on 0870 787 1866.

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